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7 Tips for traveling to Latin America.

August 14, 2019

Latin America has fascinating places that you should know, all kinds of climates, spectacular cities, incredible cultural, friendly people and delicious food. Even if you are American, Canadian or European, it may be much cheaper to travel to a country in Latin America than to any other country in the world.

But there are several things you should anticipate to fully enjoy your trip through Latin America.
Here we give you 7 important recommendations.

First Tip: Speaking the language can favor you

You must speak the language a little, Spanish is almost spoken in almost the entire continent and it is very likely that in many countries you will find people who speak English, but this will only happen in very tourist areas, as you go deeper into Any city will be difficult to speak in English.

Remember that part of the experience is also interacting with people, and you will be much more comfortable and if you do it in their language, or at least make sure your travel package includes an interpreter.

Second Tip: Health prevention according to the country to visit

In some countries, you are asked for the yellow fever certificate. But it will depend on the region in which you are going to be, for example, Colombia demands it in the case that you go to areas of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and for some departments that are located in jungle areas.

There are cases like Costa Rica where you can be asked only if before arriving you were in a risk zone. In the case of Guyana, it is not required, but it is convenient because it is a destination with high rates of yellow fever and malaria.

If you decide to travel to the jungle of Peru, conveniently, you do it by requirement and by exposure to risk. But some particularities apply to people of specific nationalities, which is why we recommend you to investigate this topic beforehand.

Third Tip: Eat clean and hygiene controls

There are countries with incredible gastronomy, where you should put your palate to live the experience because if you do not explore the gastronomy of the country where you are going you will not have lived a complete experience, but, there are things that you should be very attentive.

One of them is the hygiene or sanitation of the place where you go to eat. In countries such as Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, eating in popular markets is much more common. Many of these places do not comply with basic sanitary regulations.

While this is true, please do not avoid living the experience because there is amazing food, what you should do is look carefully at the site and how they make food.

In these places the kitchen is visible, and you can look at simple details such as a water tap, that the kitchen is clean and that the person who makes the food has a neat appearance.

Fourth Tip: Visa or residence permit

If you are a US citizen, you probably need a visa to enter some Latin American countries. Usually, the management is not very complicated, you can even pay the fee or apply for the visa when you arrive in the country of destination, but if you do not want to have a bad time with a migration agent, you should manage it before leaving.

This requirement is made as a “reciprocity policy,” that is, the United States applies rigorous measures to certain countries, and the counterpart can decide whether to apply measures that are also consistent, and that include conditions of entry into the country.
But this is very variable, that is, they are not permanent measures, and in a few words, it depends a lot on the political tendency of the government in office. The countries in which we recommend checking the visa requirement are Bolivia, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

Fifth Tip: Your safety is the most important

In Latin America, you are going to get with very kind and wonderful people, but don’t be so confident. Countries such as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, and Venezuela, have cities that are listed as the most dangerous in the world.
If you go to any of these countries, we recommend you do a previous investigation of the city where you are going to arrive, preferably that they are tourist areas, which are those that could have a little more security.

Sixth Tip: Do not exceed the restrictions

If you go to sacred places it is important that you respect the restrictions that exist, do not overdo it by achieving a selfie or the best photo. Just live the experience of being there fully. Many places in Latin America are considered a world heritage site and for this reason, their access may be limited.

But there is also one more reason for the strict conservation of these places, and it is the mysticism that surrounds them, it may seem real or not, but if you go against any cultural beliefs you could even put your life at risk.

Countries like: Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Chile or Ecuador, have sacred mountains, pyramids, temples and ancient cities that have great legends, are important energy centers and have great respect for nature. Visit these places following the rules and regulations
that apply.

Seventh Tip: The budget for your trip

As we mentioned at the beginning, it may be economical to travel to some Latin American countries, and the main thing you should know is the dollar price per day to know the availability of money that you are going to have. Each country has a different currency so the value of your money will vary. You must know the daily budget that you must have.

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