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August 6, 2019

The official foundation of Rome is imprecise, but there is a legend that explains and the Romans take pride in telling it. It tells that the twins Romulus and Remus were the creators of the city, both were children of Princess Rea.

The princess was killed for not fulfilling her parents’ orders to remain chaste, and the twins were thrown into a river. It is said that a wolf fed them and then found a pastor who raised them in secret.

Romulus would be responsible for founding the city and he was declared the first Roman king, and he would also be the first to unleash the first war with a nearby town. That episode ended up uniting both towns and began a story full of conflicts over territories.

From that moment, wars and won territories followed became a republic and then became an empire.

The three Romes

We can divide the city into three different cities: the historical, the religious and the romantic. In historical Rome we can include the places that were the bastion of the empire:
The Colosseum, its construction began in the first century AD, place of bloody shows with animals and people; It is the most referential building in the imperial city.
Very close to the Colosseum is the Arco di Constantino, it was built by orders of Emperor Constantine in honor of one of his victories, and also an important symbol of the city.

Coliseo Romano
Coliseo Romano

The Roman Forum, Monte Palatino, Circus Massimo, Monte Aventino, Foro Troiano, Musei Capitolini, among other monuments that are very close to these and that represent an ancient historical heritage, and although they are ruins are very well preserved, the curious thing is that you can still get excavation spaces where they still carry out archaeological studies.

The night visits are visually amazing, the special illumination of monuments magnifies them in the darkness of the night, and if you accommodate the imagination you can recreate some battle between gladiators.

Rome is the main headquarters of Christendom, which is why visiting Rome and not including the Vatican and at least some of its more than 900 churches, which includes chapels and impressive basilicas, is missing out on knowing an important part of the history of mankind.

Undoubtedly the tour of the Vatican, which is also a country within Rome, is mandatory. Inside you can see great sculptures and valuable gifts made by public or political personalities to the different popes throughout history, and an impressive amount of works of art, the Mausoleum, the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo, the beautiful Basilica of San Pedro and from the top of his dome can see an impressive aerial view of the city, I anticipate that to achieve this you must climb small and endless stairs, which can be torture, all this is part of attractive.

Vaticano – Basílica de San Pedro
Vaticano – Basílica de San Pedro

What we call romantic Rome, is the favorite for many, is the city of squares with wonderful fountains and sculptures, which were and continue to be a meeting place for great artists.

Like Piazza de Campidoglio, Michelangelo participated in the design and around it you can see three beautiful buildings, two of them are from the Musei Capitolini, which is considered the oldest museum in the world. In this square, you can also see a sculpture of the Capitoline Magnifying Glass breastfeeding the twins Romulo and Remus.

It still retains stone floors and narrow streets, and while entertaining the look in shops, and balconies with flowers or hanging clothes, you do not expect that when crossing these alleys you will be surprised by the majesty of a Trevi Fountain, for example.

Surprise because you can’t anticipate their encounter; What happens is that although it is a source, it is not possible to hear the sound of the fall of the water even though it is a few meters from the arrival. It is a dream to be there, and that feeling is felt when touring the entire city, which is basically known by history books, but despite traveling through the photos of a book, nothing compares to watching it closely to Moses by Michelangelo.

Fontana di Trevi
Fontana di Trevi

The food markets are a delight, all foods are fresh and mostly sell handmade products. If you like to eat and try everything, be sure to visit the beautiful Campo di Fiori, it is not the only one in the city, but the most referential.

Recommendations for your visit to Rome

  • In summer you have to go well prepared with sunscreen and hydration. To enter most places you will have to stand in line, probably for a few hours, and temperatures usually reach more than 40 °, which can make the wait unbearable.
  • At lunchtime do not do it near tourist places, they are much more expensive. A good option is the Trattorias, which are family restaurants where you will be served good homemade wine and where you can not miss eating a real Bolognese pasta.
  • You go to the city of the richest ice cream in the world, forget the diet.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, most of the time you should walk.
  • Prior to your visit, book the tours you want to do with a tour guide.
  • There is a lot of nightlife in Rome, and also reggaetón (Latin music).
  • The entrance to the churches is free, something that does not happen in other cities in Europe when it comes to a religious-historical place. Museums and monuments if they have cost.
  • And finally, wherever you go, just forget the prejudices.

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