Travel, a gift for the soul

Travel, a gift for the soul

March 2, 2019

My theory about travel a gift for the soul.

According to Wikipedia, “The term soul or anima (from the Latin anima) refers to an immaterial entity that living beings possess”.

It also points out that “Etymologically the Latin word anima was used to designate the principle by which beings were animated with their own movement” .

This term is used in a religious context, Aristotle defined it as the vital principle or essence of the human being.

We refer to something inmaterial but vital

That comes with the materia, and also has movement. Hence, I see traveling as a gift for the essence of my life that seeks to move.

In any case is a very personal meaning. Traveling is also about knowing yourself.  Sometimes we do not know how we will react in a situation or how daring and adventurous could we be.

And you only discover it when you find yourself living it.

Most of the time traveling helps to develop more tolerance.

We do not always meet people who meet our demands, so traveling will allow you to develop empathy and make new friends, which will most likely mark your life. 

Being patient will be one of the things that can help you enjoy your trip.
Things do not always go as planned and you have to be open, adapting to extreme will be necessary.

Good humor always helps!

The management of fear is also important, especially if you decide to take a trip alone .
If your trip involves doing things that you did not risk before just learn to simply enjoy.

The most important thing at all is common sense

And never put your safety at risk. Traveling takes you from your comfortable place, but it is an experience that you remember and  turn it into a gift for your soul.

Give your soul a gift!



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  1. michell rodriguez
    April 23, 2019


    • michell rodriguez
      April 23, 2019


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