Why do we need a travel purpose?

March 2, 2019

To say that I have a travel purpose is knowing what drives me, is to give a reason why.

Surely you have never had planned a trip this way.
I give you the reasons why you should give a purpose to your travel.

Know new cultures

you will not become a historian, but you will have things to talk at lunch with friends on Sundays.

Manage yourself in other language

We know that not everyone has the language skill but you will be forced at least learn to say: where is the bathroom?

Make new friends

if you are not always surrounded by many friends, these “casual” friends allow you to chat about whatever you want, without worrying about they could think, probably you will never see them again.

Taste local food

This is the best part, no matter how interesting a tour, there are those who do not take another step if it is time to eat. It is part of the enjoyment and a delicious way to keep knowing the culture.

Change the way you think

Without a doubt traveling allows you to open your mind to other ways, forms, meanings, to broaden your general vision of things.

Delight yourself seeing new things

This is important, it’s not just to get a photo, the time you spend  on each place you must capture memories of every detail.

So at the time they ask you what was in the Trevi Fountain? You do not just say “water.”

And most importantly …  have thousands of stories to tell to your grandchildren, will be very rewarding.

Make a good travel purpose and take a trip!

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